Workman Hamstick

Workman hamstick

Radio Oasis - Jetstream Hamstick Comparable Antennas: 75 Meters- $2 5.00. 40 Meters- $ 1 9.00. 20 Meters- $ 1 9.00. 17 Meters- $ 1 9.00. 15 Meters- $ 1 9.00. These hf antennas are cheap and will put you on the air in the mobile. On the left is a Larsen 2/70 dual-band VHF/UHF. Item is a Workman WHF75 Mono Band Antenna designed for mobile use. The top whip actually easily screws off for storage in the car trunk while the HamStick must be taken apart with a screwdriver. Radio Oasis, LLC - Workman Hamstick Comparable Antennas: 75 Meters- $25.00. 40 Meters- $20.00. 20 Meters- $20.00. 17 Meters- $20.00. 15 Meters- $20.00 Workman WHF HF Mobile Antenna.

I only wish workman would make a 2 meter co-linear hamstick. The antenna on the right is a 40 meter Workman (Hamstick clone). Similar in design and a direct replacement for HamStick(tm), Opek and Jetstream fiberglass and whip. Find best value and selection for your Workman 12 Meter HF Stick Antenna Hamstick Comparable search on eBay. I keep Workman antennas for other HF bands in the trunk. Similiar to Hamstick type antennas, unit is rated at 250 watts PEP. Bandwidth is 36 KHz.

Hamstick dipole mount

They also supply quick-disconnect fittings with 3/8 X 24 threads which allow push-and-twist. The dipole configuration is heavier than the AX-75 antenna and therefore will require. Above is my homebrew mount for the Hamstick dipole antenna. In the process of designing the mount, I came up with the idea to make the. QUICK CLAMP ROTATABLE HAMSTICK DIPOLE CENTER MOUNT in Consumer Electronics, Radio Communication, Antennas | eBay Hamstick Compatible Dipole Mount for HF Stick Antennas in Consumer Electronics, Radio Communication, Antennas | eBay So, I thought I would combine those thoughts and create a multi-band Hamstick Dipole.

The hamstick dipole is quick to mount, quick to dismantle, lightweight, and no mess. A dipole hamstick configuration can be used with the Lakeview # 901 dipole mount. I've been searching on google and I can't seem to narrow my search down. #I. I believe it might be Iron Horse, but I won't bet any money on that. As you can see it can easily be clamped to the corner of a table for a nice hefty hold. This is a "Hamstick" style portable dipole made from two Pro-Ham 40-meter "Hamstick" type antennas. The Pro-Ham antennas were $8.00 a piece and the dipole bracket/mount was.

Hamstick Article: Hamstick Dipole Fact Sheet - Emergency communications guidance - is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). OVERVIEW: I had seen articles about using two Hamsticks as a dipole, and I had seen multiple Hamsticks mounted to a common. If you're looking for a low cost solution for a portable hamstick antenna pole for your ham radio, then check out this video.

For example the 12 meter Hamstick works well on 10 and 12 meters, the 60 meter Hamstick works well on 40 and 60 meters and the 30 meter Hamstick performs well on 20 and. SITE MENU SEARCH About Hamuniverse Antenna Design Ask Elmer About Batteries Code Practice. Hamstick - 6 results like Astatic Hustler Multiband Hamstick Bee Hive Antenna Ground Radial Kit Astgpk, Deluxe Rotatable Hamstick Dipole Center Mount W/, Jetstream. This is a "Hamstick" style portable dipole made from two Pro-Ham 40-meter "Hamstick" type antennas and a commercially made dipole bracket. Find hamstick from a vast selection of Ham, Amateur Radio Antennas. My IC-718 HF rig, 17' of RG58, headphones, keyer paddle, microphone.
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